Jake Binstein
Jake Binstein

Hello, I’m
Jake Binstein

Technology Solutions Leader

I am a master’s graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology, with a background in programming and an expertise in quality assurance engineering. I am always happy to discuss new projects – my favorite ones involve technologies and challenges that I have not worked with previously. Expanding my horizons and diving into a new tech stack is exhilirating!

In combining rigorous academic and professional experiences, I have exemplified my keen ability to lead projects and solve problems, utilizing expertise in information technology, software engineering, and management information systems. Focal points include team leadership, strategic planning, web design, programming, testing, quality assurance, technical support, troubleshooting, and problem solving.

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  • Migration from webmail to G Suite
  • Custom applications to optimize and automate workflows
  • Bespoke solutions for nonprofits
  • Customer-driven development of C#/Java/PHP/JS
  • Video and photo editing
  • Media digitization and archiving
  • WordPress development, migration, and administration